Our Mission

Our mission is to restore respect and dignity to our river. We are assuming custodial responsibility of the river between the Hydroelectric dam and the big water falls where the old steel bridge used to be, otherwise known as the ‘big diversion’. This section of the river is heavily polluted and the problem is only getting worse. Our tourist industry is thriving and the current waste management program is not sufficient. We plan to work with both private and government entities to install a waste management system that addresses all the reasons for trash entering our river. This will include but not be limited to, more trash can locations, increasing the frequency in which they are emptied and installing more signage encouraging their use. We will also be advocating for an ordinance to disallow glass on the river. Our plan will address and nullify the root cause of the trash problem and make our river a safer place.

We will also be conducting two massive river cleanup events a year in coordination with the organization American Rivers and their ‘National River cleanup’ program. These cleanups will remove the trash that has been accumulating in the river for years. Initially we will be focusing on the section between the lower falls and the sewer ponds. The entire river is polluted, but this section is by far the worst. At the section between the rodeo grounds and the sewer ponds the river slows and its where a majority of the trash originating from the city settles. This portion is truly a landfill and will take a lot of time and effort to clean up.

Once we have successfully resolved the waste management problem and significantly cleaned up the river we will focus on its ecosystem. The Portneuf river used to be a Top 10 fly fishing river in the nation. We hope to restore that status. There are other organizations such as ‘The Portneuf river project’ that are working on this and in the future we are hoping to work with them, but we want to stay focused on our section of river. It’s practically hermetically sealed from the rest of the Portneuf which is sad, but it also provides a great opportunity to make a quick and noticeable impact.

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